She made me do it…

Written by Tania

Well at least it’s over. Who am I kidding? It was not as bad as I thought. After a discussion about accepting interests, I gave in and told Tania I would give the Twilight series a try. As stated, it wasn’t bad, that’s if you disregard the fact that Bella’s whoring her body to both Edward and Jacob. I can see why so many females like this movie. Everything revolves around Bella. For some reason everyone is fighting for Bella, the new girl in town.

It took two weekends to watch the 4 movies currently out on TV. It was nice to see how the movies built up the drama. Eww, can’t believe I am analyzing Twilight.

With my recent interest in a new lens and the site’s declining visitor count, I decided it was time to start carrying my camera regularly again. I will try to make more posts but most importantly focus on quality rather than quantity. Since I am only registered for 3 classes I think I should have enough time to accomplish that.

I get to refresh my mind today by watching the Superbowl. Might even force Tania to watch. Mua ha ha ha ha.