Welcoming the New Year

Written by Friends, Mom, Recipes / Food

My mom’s friend came over from Kiev to tour New York City. She stayed with us for the past couple of days, and we greeted the new year with her at our dinner table. I have to say, the food I’ve been having for the past couple of days has been phenomenal. It’s almost like a feast every night. She and my mom prepared a great dinner to have for the new year. With Austin’s company, we began eating.

It’s great how a new year (though being “just another day”) could lift up my spirits. I had a great workout prior to eating. I also had a great time walking Austin. I was very happy at the dinner table, and most importantly I felt as though there was new beginning before me. Funny how that happens.

Anywhoo, I am now approaching the day which Austin leaves and I am sure gonna miss him. Along with a new start. I am also happy that I finished the year (academic) successfully. I am now praying for the same results for the spring 2013 semester.