Table tennis at Carom Cafe Billiards

Written by Tania, Video

After playing some table tennis with Felix, I decided to bring Tania here to defend my title. Tania and I met near Macy’s on 34th street and headed over (via the F train) into Queens. She got the car and we drove down to Carom Cafe Billiards in Flushing. The place is nice. There aren’t that many people on weekdays and generally the players on adjacent tables are polite.

We began with some practice lessons, but Tania seemed not to need her training wheels for long. For a first timer she picked up the sport relatively quickly. I decided to teach her step by step and explain scenarios as they occurred rather than trowing the whole load at her all at once. We played some games and I have to say I was surprised by her great sportsmanship (even after my pointer after every wrongdoing of hers). Though she lost just about every game, she managed to keep up and stay cheerful. I guess I’ve found a sport which she enjoys playing (I’m now more motivated to maybe teach her some volleyball). We decided to record a few matches and possibly get a good laugh watching them.

Hmm, is it ping pong or table tennis? I wasn’t sure until I looked it up. Apparently, ping pong requires players to hit the ball on their side of the table first and then that of the opponents. So I guess it was more table tennis for us. A quick game to 11.

Even though I won most of the games. Tania managed to beat me in the end (even as I used my right hand). Guess the table tennis crown wasn’t mine after all.