Halloween with Felix

Written by Friends, Video

Felix and I decided to meet up and spend some quality time outdoors. He walks up to me in an attempt to frighten me (with a mask), but I immediately recognized him by his walk. We got into his car and drove up to Astoria Park. Before getting there, he decided to stop by to get some gas. It seemed as though every gas station was jam packed with vehicles waiting in line to purchase gasoline. It was so bad that the gas station we arrived at only had premium gasoline left. I guess this is due to the lack of gas delivery for the past couple of days. Or more vehicles had to purchase gas in Queens since Manhattan was difficult to get in and out of.

After reaching Astoria Park, Felix suggested that we stop by Long Island City. It was there that we were able to see the darkness in the lower portion of Manhattan. It seems as though the city which never sleeps fell half asleep. New reports suggested that it will take a couple of days to restore power back into Manhattan. Trains have also been out of service for the past couple of days. Guess it takes longer to recover from the storm than I had originally thought.

Shortly after, my mom had called and told me that she had left work. Felix generously suggested that we wait for her around the 59th street bridge in order to pick her up. While we waited I decided to snap some images of Felix with his ape mask. I decided to play with my speedlite to get some more creative results. Since I was unable to crop the flash out itself, I decided to crop it entirely out of the image. The results can be viewed below.