While waiting for Hurricane Sandy’s arrival

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Where are you already? At least classes are cancelled for tomorrow, and I was not called into work. Seems like the MTA is not operating tonight or tomorrow morning. More time off, yay!

Tania and I decided to spend our Sunday by watching some Guillermo del Toro movies. We watched Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage. After enjoying Julia’s Eyes and The Devil’s Backbone a couple of days prior, I was convinced that Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage would be great as well.
Tania had come over after I arrived home from work. She made some guacamole and we all (Tania, mom and I) watched both movies. As I was watching The Orphanage I felt a slight chill and decided to grab my blanket because I was cold. The blanket had absolutely nothing to do with my bold and fearless state as I watched the movie. The movie ended right when the Storm was scheduled to hit New York (or at least that’s what local meteorologists have been stating).

I took the default picture when my mom called Tania and I into her room. She asked us to stick our heads out the window. Little did we know she was trying to kick us out the window. No. She had asked us to listen close to the storm. Within roughly 3 minute intervals she heard a crackling sound. We chuckled as we informed her that it was the sound of airplanes flying by. As I was looking out the window, I noticed the nice shadow the fire escape was casting onto the nearby building. I immediately took the opportunity to snap a pic.

Afterwards, Tania and I decided to unwrap the glow stick we had picked up back when we were in Lake George. We took some more images. I gotta say I love how they turned out (composition).Due to concerns about her well being, Tania’s parents had called a few times. Tania had decided that it was time to say our goodbyes. I packed my gear and I walked her home. Winds didn’t seem very harsh, but I guess the eye of the storm will hint New York sometime tomorrow. Gotta wait and see.