Too much time on the internets

Written by Leisure / General

I’ve definitely been spending too much time on the internet lately. It has become somewhat of a routine. I come home, check out some blogs, play some games, browse reddit of course, engadget, gizmodo, and never find anything productive to do with the computer. It appears that my computer has become more of an addictive drug rather than a productive tool.

Aside from programming on my laptop, I feel that I don’t do anything worthwhile on the computer. There’s got to be more to it.

On a different note, I took this shot out or boredom. As I learned from the past, light can be used more creatively when the source is not direct form the camera. I guess I feel that’s why this shot is unique. It almost looks as though the information is spilling onto me. I think the highlights look great as well. I also feel that I looked more focused than I actually was. I placed the DSLR on a 10sec timer and ran to the computer chair. Seconds later, I got up to see the result. Hmm, maybe I should consider acting.