Film to digital?

Written by Photography

If only there was a way to convert the strong, sturdy, and bold camera body into a digital masterpiece. I’ve thought of it many times. Purchase an image sensor, connect it to an SD card somehow, and then figure out a way to connect the sensor to the shutter release button. Easier said than done. First off, it might be a one way trip. There might be no returning the camera to the working state it previously was in. Well, if I cant say that confidently, then what makes me think I can get it back to a working state once there is a digital sensor inside?

I don’t know. It was just a thought. I mean even if I figured it out, how would I adjust the color temperature, film speed or even the … ah forget it.

Either way, it would be a nice thing to have. I have looked to see if it has been done online, and to my surprise it has. Each attempt required a wide set of tools along with knowledge on how the camera works. In some cases the ending result was much worse. Who knows, maybe one day it will also be a reality for me.