A night out with Felix

Written by Friends

With all that’s going on, it’s difficult to find leisure time anymore. Luckily, I took my last midterm today, and won’t be as stressed for another week or two.

Felix hit me up while I was at work and asked to hang out. I couldn’t resist since I have been studying in the cave for as long as I could remember. Some time off would be good. We met up after my work shift and headed over to main street intending to play billiards or even ping pong. Upon arrival, I had changed plans and recommended to him that we try an ice cream crepe place Tania and I had stumbled upon. Unable to say no, Felix quietly agreed.

We found parking and headed down to New World Mall in Flushing. We we our delicious treats (not sure if Felix liked it as much) and talked about our changing environment.

As we drove back, I gave Felix a college long lecture on the functions of a DSLR camera and its benefits. Once again, Felix quietly sat to listen and periodically asked questions.

Before parting, he reminded me to take this box of treats he had brought from Israel. Another great night out. Sad that we haven’t been able to hang out as much, but I guess it’s all part of our changing environment.

To pay tribute to the photography lecture, I decided to include a tilt shift image of the sweets he gave me. Thanks for hearing and feeding a brother out!