Rockland Bakery

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I finally got some leisure time to myself from writing code and working. I decided to spend the day with Tania. We had agreed on driving up to Bear Mountain. I suggested that we stop somewhere to grab a bite.

First on our list was Mr. Cupcakes in Clifton New Jersey. We arrived there roughly at 2:50pm. We stayed in the car to resolve a small issue; how many cupcakes should we get? Since we planned on eating lunch. We were questioning how many cupcakes we should purchase (considering we wanted to eat one before lunch and the rest after lunch). After making up our minds, we walk to the front door only to find that the store closed at 3pm. Aw shucks!

My next idea was to drive up north to and stop somewhere between Bear Mountain and our current location (Clifton NJ). I decided that Rockland Bakery was the place (after reading its review on Yelp). We made drove up north and finally arrived at the bakery.

Upon entry, I noticed that there were huge chimneys pumping out wasteful gases into the air. After looking at the awning of the bakery, I thought that the chimneys were from a neighboring factory (rather than belonging to the bakery). Little did I know, we would be standing right at the source of the smoke. The bakery was quite big. It had several machines which produced the bread. Just about every type of loaf was located in the bakery. I immediately thought of purchasing some for my mom. It was really difficult to choose which one I would be going home with.

Machines for bagels, conveyor belts for bagels, racks of fresh bread, a floor covered in flour, and many other bread factory traits were present before me. The bakery was unique in the fact that it allowed its customers to walk right into the heart of the place. Customers were able to pick bread right of the conveyor belt right after it was produced. We as customers are also able to sample the bread before before purchasing. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

The bakery also had a deli along with a pastry section. We skipped on getting a fresh sandwich, but I’m more than certain that their sandwiches would be amazing. Instead, Tania and I got some treats from the pastry section. They had just about everything one could want. Cakes, pies, doughnuts, cupcakes, biscuits, danishes, the list keeps on going

Customer service was pretty good too. The employees were not rude, but there is a feeling of desperation if you arrive during a busy time. With the long line of customers behind you, one feels the need to speed through their order which makes choosing what you want even more difficult.

Definitely, a place to stop by again if I am in the area.

94 Demarest Mill Road Nanuet, NY 10954

Food Rating: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Atmosphere: 10/10
Overall Rating: 10/10