Los Abuelos Mexican Restaurant

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I headed upstate with Tania to have one more of our mini trips before summer was over. She had suggested that we stop by a restaurant on our way there. I decided that we should use Yelp to do some research before our traveling began.

I figured that we do some research since we would not know what would be good. I found a Mexican restaurant called Los Abuelos which was located in Ossining, NY. We decided to leave early so that the night was way ahead of us. We arrived at the restaurant at around 6pm and ate for an hour.

If we did not look this place up we probably would not have stepped in. Upon entry you notice that this is a home turned into a restaurant. There are stairs which lead to the second floor (probably living space). This definitely meant we would receive authentic Mexican styled food. The place was clean, the cloths were nice, there weren’t any soccer or boxing ads on the windows. The music was mellow and the service was good. Neither did we see any of those huge highlighter colored papers with sharpie writing on them. Basically, I’m trying to say the place had a nice atmosphere.

We decided to start by sharing a bowl of guacamole. It was freshly grounded and had chunks of vegetables (just like how I like it). Ofcourse it was no where near Tania’s guacamole recipe, but I have to give them credit for coming close. As for our entrées, I had the chicken quesadilla while Tania had some Tacos.

I was never fond of Mexican food (since its not very well made in the are I live in), but I have to give it to this place. The food was great. The portion sizes were great, it was not dripping with grease. Actually, it was not that oily at all. The employees were very nice. This was one of those family owed businesses in which they cared very much about the quality of their service.

The only downside, is that we could not try many different things. Well, this is not really a downside, but I was looking forward to trying a little bit of everything. Considering that this place is not expensive at all, they did a really good job with the presentation and quality of food and service.

38 North Highland Avenue Ossining, NY 10562

Food Rating: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Overall Rating: 9/10