Scary movie marathon

Written by Tania

After a short day at the studio, Tania and I got together for a planned scary movie marathon. We had spent some time searching for scary movies prior to today. We decided to go with Paranormal Activity 3, Absentia, and Grave Encounters. To help digest the movies, Tania made some Guacamole with salsa styled chips.

I arrived at he place around 4pm. We began with Paranormal Activity 3. After seeing the past two from the series, I have to say that this one was just as scary. Throughout the movie, we only felt relieved when it was daytime. As soon as night dropped, we were uncertain of what was a bout to come. I also enjoyed that there was somewhat of a storyline this time. The ending significantly helped to fill any gaps I had once watching the movie.

Next we watched Absentia. Strangely enough, Paranormal Activity 3 was framed to look like it was filmed with homemade cameras, yet Absentia felt like it was made with a much smaller budget. Similarly to Paranormal Activity 3, this movie had somewhat of a good plot as well. It combined realistic elements such as love and jealousy to explain how they affected the supernatural world.

Finally, we ended the night by watching Grave Encounters. This was a documentary styled movie in which a team of “ghost experts” entered in to an abandoned psychiatric facility. Upon entry, they noticed the main door had “Death Awaits” sprayed onto it. Not believing in ghosts, the team entered the building without fear. Their guide gave them a tour of the place and expressed some supernatural things which happen throughout the night. The team decides to spend the night to record any findings they might find. The guard locks the door and leaves them overnight. The team sets up cameras throughout the facility and sets up shop in the main lobby (located behind the main doors). Long story short, the team gets spooked out, and everyone decides to leave the place. One of the characters grabs a stretcher, and pushes it through the main doors they entered through. The doors break open to reveal another hallway. Foreshadowing what was about to come, they all noticed “Death Awaits” sprayed on the doors.