Giving it another shot

Written by Volleyball

I returned to pier 6 to play some beach volleyball. This time I arrived by myself. I met with a friend (Freddy) I made from the week before. We warmed up and called next. Turns out that there were way too many teams ahead of us. One court was rented out, and the other was just too competitive. This left one court for roughly 15 people.

As a group, we decided to switch to 4′s instead of sticking to doubles. This meant shorter waiting time in-between games. Shortly after I arrived. I saw Eric Lodde. We greeted each other with open arms and spent some time peppering.

Unfortunately, my luck on the sand this time around was not very different from the previous time I was here. I did very well while playing 4′s but after winning just about every game, Eric and I decided to play some doubles instead. We played two teams and lost to both. Sadly enough, we were trailing behind during both games. It’s probably something with the sand.

I returned by walking to the G train on Bergen Street. Since both the F and the G trains stop there, I decided to take the first one that arrived. Luckily the G train was there first. I hopped on, and spent the next hour traveling back to Jackson Heights. I recall that the bike ride last week took about the same time.

If I plan to get better I need to keep working at it. I will try to find some time next week to return for a rematch.