Summer running program

Written by Fitness / Bodybuilding, Leisure / General, Volleyball

I did it! It took me about a month and a half but my goal is reached. I’ve run my circuit 25 times. I feel very accomplished seeing as to how I usually give up after a week or so. I feel even more accomplished since I feel that my time has improved. When I began, my time for completing the circuit was slightly over 1 hour, and today I have completed it in 48 minutes. Doesn’t seem like much, but 12+ minutes while running is a huge improvement in my eyes.

Though I have completed the task. I feel that it’s still important to run. I will continue running every other day and try to ensure that I keep at it. Since my task is completed, I won’t keep track of my runs as I used to.

I was so happy to complete the runs I began singing while working out. It felt as though I had overcome a big burden. Completing the last run felt a lot easier than beginning the first. My personal goal now is to continue running through the summer and hopefully continue to run while classes are in session as well.