2012 Summer trip to Lake George New York (Day 5)

Written by Nature, Tania

After a great night stay at the Sagamore Resort, we decided to get some breakfast at a local breakfast spot. We headed inland towards Route 9N (Lake Shore Drive) and found a place named “Bolton Beans”. It was similar in size to the Prospect Mountain Diner, but felt much more cosy since it was in a secluded area from the village of Lake George. We both had some eggs with potatoes and then headed back to the Resort to pack up. We then decided to take one last tour of the Resort. It was much more peaceful in the morning, and the midst over the lake was very soothing.

We decided to explore the region south of Lake George and to the north of New York City. Since we had already been in Lake George for 4 days, we figured it was time to get a taste of a different part of New York. We drove down to Albany. I still recall the time when I thought that New York City was the capital of New York. I still don’t see why it’s not. Albany was not very rich in excitement. It was somewhat lonely and only had a few historic buildings in the center of it. The only thing which caught our attention was the egg building. We quickly drove out of the town and decided that it was time to grab another bite. While on the road we used Tania’s iphone to find something great along the way. Eveready Diner in Hyde Park was one of the favorites of many online and we decided to give it a try.

Since we were to the west of the Hudson River, we had to cross it. We decided to use the Rip Van Winkle bridge to get to route 9G (which led us to Route 9). We drove through Coxsackie, then through Rhinebeck and finally towards the Diner. We had come across another Eveready Diner on the way, but decided to try the one in Hyde Park since it was favored by many. On our way to the diner we stopped at a gas station with a regular price that was hard to beat (3.30-something). This was probably the first time I filled a car’s tank all by myself (rubs dirt of shoulder). I walked in, payed the cashier, walked to the pump, and filled the tank. Without any accidents, we were soon on our way again. We had stumbled upon the Vanderbilt Mansion. It was a huge property and we decided to head back there after we ate.

Eveready diner was very sweet. It had a warm styled interior and plenty of soft booths. Without a doubt, the food was among some of the best we had on the entire trip. The serving size was very filling and the food was presented very well (for a diner). We had a sampler as an appetizer. It came with four sauces, and filled us up before we had our main meals. After about an hour or so we finished our meals and headed back to the Vanderbilt Mansion. We had arrived a couple of minutes before the registration building was closing, but were lucky to find that the property itself closes after sunset.

The guy’s garden itself was probably the size of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. His driveway required a car unless one planned on a 1/2 hour workout. The front lawn was larger than several football fields. The property was gorgeous. Much of the main house was falling apart, but there still were tours happening inside. We decided to fool around and snap some silly pictures to end our trip. With several trials the few shots below were the best we could do.

Shortly before sunset, we got into the car and drove down south. Before we knew it, we were already back in the Bronx. Our trip began with the odometer at 25,434 miles, and we ended at 26,495 (before returning the car). Our 1000+ mile trip was over. We stopped by my house to drop the bags upstairs. We then drove back to Dollar Rent a Car to return our vehicle. I must say that I had plenty of fun on this trip. The thought of not working out, not having to think about work, not having to wake up early in the morning (though I still did) was very pleasant. Eating out everyday, spending time with Tania, and the fortune of great weather made this trip one to remember. The fact that we spent 5 days was also a great plus, but at a cost. Though it was a great trip I feel that Tania and I were both spendthrifts. We spent like we had an infinite supply. From all the food to the surprise hotel and even with Gas. Not saying that I regretted it, just wish we planned it out a bit better.

Nevertheless, I am happy that we had a blast. Just as last year, we already started thinking of all the places and resorts we can go to next year. Thank you Lake George for a summer I will remember for many years to come!