2012 Summer trip to Lake George New York (Day 3)

Written by Nature, Tania, Video

Before we knew it, Wednesday was already upon us. We quickly realized that we had been in Lake George for two full days not and have still not gone swimming yet. After searching around the lake for the past two days, we found our that it was surrounded by private houses, hotels, and other cottages. We had decided to dedicate day 3 of our trip to finding a place to swim.

We woke up just in time for breakfast and decided to eat it outdoors this time. Seeing that the weather was much warmer than the day before, we enjoyed our pancakes, with muffins and coffee in the warm morning sun. After breakfast we decided to stay indoors and watch some TV before heading out to explore the rest of the area. I watched the movie while Tania tried to get some more rest. After about an hour or so, we headed towards the village to grab some lunch.

Since Canada street (where all the shops are located) required us to pay for metered parking, we decided to park about three blocks away. This way we wouldn’t feel rushed while eating, and we wouldn’t have to pay to park. This time we ate at the Shepard’s Cove restaurant in Lake George. It is also conveniently located right along the edge of the lake. We each had a refreshing Piña colada in order to cool off. As an appetizer we ordered some curly fires. Tania had a BLT sandwich while I had their bacon cheeseburger. I have to say that this was probably one of the better places to eat on the lake. The prices were very reasonable and the food was really good. The curly fries came were plentiful and the burger was good as well. Instead of being served fries, we were given potato chips with our meal. I loved that the bacon on by burger was shredded and not just long strips.

After lunch we returned to the bakery from the day before (Lake George Baking Co). This time I had a cupcake and a pastry while Tania enjoyed a cupcake as well. Once the food was well settled we decided to find a place to swim. Since Lake George was not very easily accessible, we decided to find the flowing stream we stumbled upon on the first day. We drove quite a bit. We weren’t sure where exactly this river was on, but we managed to find it after driving for a bit. Once we arrived, we noticed that the car was being attached by huge flies. In an attempt to prevent them from entering the car, we quickly changed into our bathing suits, jumped out of the car and headed for the river.

It was a bit different that I had remembered it. When we came here the first time the sun was shining from a different angle. This time, the water seemed a bit cooler since the sun was almost setting. Either way, we were determined to get ourselves wet and dip into the water. Tania was quite happy with getting into the water. I was also happy, but found it a bit difficult since the water was cool. I quickly managed to get my body into it and splash around a bit.

We swam for a bit and made our way back to the car. On our way there, we were being swamped with flies. The buzzing sound of them flying next to our ears was bit irritating. We therefore decided to keep some clothing on our head to muffle the sound. We got in to the car and managed to change into dry clothes inside. This is something we wouldn’t have been able to do in the city. Something about the place was peaceful. Cars passed by not too frequently, and the place seemed forgiving after our tour of the train tracks the day before.

Since we felt that we did not get a good enough dip, we headed over to the pool at the Travelodge. Once again Tania managed to get in with very little trouble. I on the other had was uneasy with entering. I tried to use the stairs but it was a bit too cold. I decided that I had to jump into the pool and completely get my body into the water fast. I set up my point and shoot camera and jumped in as quick as I could. I’m sure that the water was normally much warmer, but since the sun had set, the shadows cooled of the pool and made it tough to stay in for long. The jump was great. Exiting the pool was very refreshing too. Since the temperature inside the pool was so cool, exiting the pool was warmer that I thought. Since it wasn’t windy, the temperature outside the pool felt much warmer.

After our two short swims, we headed into the shower to clean off our bodies. After seeing so many ice cream parlors around the place, we decided to try it for ourselves. We first drove to a place called “All American Food” only to find it closed. Their sign promised 60 flavors of ice cream, but we had no choice so we drove to the next ice cream shop. Luckily, we didn’t have to drive to far to find one. We literally crossed the street and were in front of “The Ice Cream Circus”. Tania ordered some soft ice cream while I had and Italian Icey. While eating we had noticed two things. Firstly, it seemed that Megabus made trips to Lake George, and secondly the Big Apple Circus was in town as well. The Megabus reminded is of our upcoming trip to Philadelphia. Also, we thought that next time we probably could take the bus here since the heart of the lake did not cover a large area.

We then decided to head back to the village to experience the night life in Lake George. We walked to the southern end of the lake and took some pictures on the pier. While there we notices that the pier allowed for metered parking for boats. This was pretty cool. Someone could literally take their boat and bring it down to the village for a few hours. That’s a first.

After trying some from the day before, we had to return to Capri Pizza for dinner. We grabbed four different slices and shared each. This was pizza the way I loved it. The crust was very thick and the toppings were really tasty. We sat on a bench by the water to enjoy our meal. As the sun had already set. I had asked Tania if we could drive to a road we were on to snap some long exposure shots of the sky.

The stars were amazing. You could see several of them up in the sky. The low light pollution in the area gave us the possibility of seeing several stars. It was bit scary (since the road we were on was quite dark), but I decided to hop out of the car and snap some shots. Unfortunately, they each ended up being blurry (I’m guessing due to camera shake), but I’m still satisfied with the end result. We took pictures for about 20 minutes and then found our way back to the hotel. We didn’t stay up for long and quickly fell asleep.