Expedition Chile at LaGuardia Community College

Written by Photography, Tania

I was informed via email that LaGuardia Community College was hosting a Chilean photography exhibit. 12 students traveled abroad to Chile. Of the many images they captured only 80 were selected to be in the exhibition. According to the flyer, there were supposed to be 2 videos as well (which I saw online). The overall project seemed like a lot of fun.

The images were hung in the hall of the photography wing in LAGCC. While walking through the wing, I read a bit about the motives each photographer had. It was interesting to see that some considered photography to be a medium of recording history, rather than an art. This was reflected in their work since instead of photographing typical scenic landscapes, they focused on culture, people, food and even aftereffects of past earthquakes.

Though I tease Tania a lot about Chile, I have to admit the photos revealed a side I never saw. Closely knit houses, light blue rivers, and loads of vineyards were some of what made Chile seem unique. I’m sure the students enjoyed the trip a lot, and I quite certainly enjoyed viewing the images they took.