A short visit to Atlantic City

Written by Leisure / General

My boss had to run some errands around the outskirts of the Atlantic City area and asked if I’d like to tag along. I could not resist considering I had never been to that area nor ever seen a casino. The drive took about 2 hours. We first went to a clients house to deliver some albums and receive payments. Shortly after, we made our way down Atlantic City Expressway into the gambling craved town. My boss needed to search for a coat his wife wanted. Meanwhile, I had an hour and a half to tour this area of NJ.

I began by making my way into Caesars casino. I walked through it curiously trying to make my way onto the boardwalk. I saw many different kinds of people. Since this was my first time in a casino I was not sure of what to expect. I saw many different kinds of individuals. Many of which seemed to be spending their hard earned pennies at the slots. I then came across the gambling tables. Blackjack, poker, and other games were present before me. Mainly old individuals. Though I expected to see a lot of tourist-like people, everyone there seemed to be a local. In about 2 minutes I made my way onto the boardwalk.

The boardwalk was mixed with individuals trying to go to the beach, other local people eating at restaurants, and many casino employees smoking. Since the neighborhood around the casino district is not very wealthy, there some ghetto-like people. Young teen girls with short shirts revealing their belly piercings, older men walking with trashy women and other such unpleasant appearances were present on the boardwalk. Most of all, the boardwalk environment felt like a profit thirsty version of Coney Island.

While walking through the Casinos, I was warned several times that I was not allowed to take pictures. I wondered why. I saw several other occupants snapping images at tables and having no warning. I then thought that since I was an obvious outsider, nobody wanted me to reveal their relationship with a possible mistress. Nevertheless, I saw individuals smoking inside the casinos, and literally gambling away 100s of dollars. At one point I considered playing the slot machines ($.01 bet machines), but then talked my way out of it.

Other than the boardwalk, the shopping district (one block away from the beach) seemed to be quite decent. There were many stores and they all looked very appealing. I even saw a Willy Wonka candy store. Ultimately, I enjoyed the new location I enjoyed since I was able to see something different. If given a free willed option, I don’t think I would choose to return. I’m not sure if it were the hookers, or the pipe line running along the beach, but the location did not feel very pleasant.