Casual shoot in Washington DC

Written by Photography

I woke up at 3am today to catch the Northeastern Regional Amtrak train to Washington DC. I arrived at the station at 9am. The couple picked us up from the terminal. We started in the heart of the city, Capital Hill. We walked around and snapped images of what we found to be interesting.

I loved that they were very welcoming. The bride especially was very nice and literally give me a tour around the city (after I told her I’d never been to DC). They were very jolly, which made shooting with them a breeze.

I saw Capital Hill, the Washington Monument, the National Archives building, the Watergate building, Georgetown and even the White House. A very interesting trip. The bride-to-be told me that she wanted to shoot by Georgetown Cupcake (the location of their first date), so we headed there to wrap up the day. We wrapped up around 1pm. Our train back to New York departed at 3pm, therefore we grabbed a bite to eat at Union Station.

The train ride was very peaceful and somewhat scenic. I even managed to see some rowers from crew which made me think of Tania. The best part? The ticket was free, the weather was great, and the experience was new. Can’t wait for our next casual shoot.