Completed 3rd year of college

Written by Leisure / General

I just received my final grade of my junior year. Luckily, everything went better than expected. The reason I am posting this is to remind myself what I thought of entering into college. I remember a friend of mine from Aviation, Pierre, had given me this CD. Upon receiving it, I remember telling myself I would install the program and practice some calculus (knowing I was registered for Calc I). Knowing me, you will be correct by guessing that I never inserted the disk into my computer.

After completing Calc II last year, I remember being extremely happy that I would not have to encounter any more math classes. Little did I know, I would register for Calc III. I’m just happy that calculus if finally over. I enjoyed the topic very much but did not see how applicable it was in my field of study. Also, I learned that with time, anything can be accomplished.

Another semester gone well. Senior year is almost upon me, but before then its time to enjoy the summer.