End of my junior year

Written by Leisure / General

I’ve been staring at this cupcake for three days now. I didn’t want to eat it until after I was done with the semester. So, here is my reward for successfully completing the semester.

I took my calculus final today. I was in a good place prior to taking it. If I chose not to take it I would have received a B in the class. A score of at least 45 points (on the final) would bring my grade up to an A-. Since I did not study much I am not very confident that I would receive an A. I guess time will tell.

It’s now time to plan my time out for the summer. I know I plan to work most of the time, but I also want to do a lot of other productive things. I say that every summer, but I plan to make it happen during this one. I will spend some time cleaning up. These past few exams have had my room looking very messy. Warm weather here I come!