Overwhelmed with work

Written by Leisure / General, Photography

I’ve had quite a few weddings lately. I actually skipped two classes on Friday in order to go to a wedding. I worked at a ceremony event on Friday, and woke up to attend the reception. On both days I arrived home past 2am. Sunday morning was accompanied by some more work. I felt sick during the day on Sunday. I was weak and felt like sleeping the entire day. I’m not sure if that was due to the lack of sleep or an actual sickness. Tania came over on Sunday and apparently I got her sick as well.

Today I feel much better. I guess it was because I went to sleep early last night. My only complaint is having to go to work and school. The semester is ending (in a week), and I have one more exam after that date. So far I feel that I am on the right track, but these next few weeks are the most important in order to stay on track. My priorities right now are Calc III and my independent study. I have already registered for my next semester. I figured that ill make the fall semester a bit more challenging in order to have a lighter load during the spring. Hope all goes well.

I took the featured image while the dance floor was opened. It was shot after the dinner buffet was opened. I love the look on the girls face, and the firm grip around her father’s neck. I guess it wasn’t only past my bedtime.