We’re heading to the NCAA tournament

Written by Volleyball

We’re ‘NCAA Bound’. Were heading out next Wednesday on a coach bus to Springfield for the 2012 NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championships. Considering we lost CUNY finals, it’s surprising to see we do not need to play in the play-in game. I guess it just comes to show that we performed better throughout our season. We are one of 9 teams in the tournament (after Saturday it’ll be down to 8). The bracket is composed of Springfield, Baruch, Elms, Kean, Hunter, UCSC, Rivier, Carthage and Nazareth College.

We head out Wednesday night for the hotel. We have a light day on Thursday. We will be waking up to community service, and then heading over the the gym for an hour of practice. Afterwards we will be heading to the NCAA banquet dinner, in which I am scheduled to speak. The night will probably be wrapped up early in preparation for Friday’s game against Kean University.

Our athletic trainer will be traveling along with us to the tournament. She had stated that there is a 90 percent chance that we will be tested after the game for illegal NCAA substances. Some of us might also be invited over to the media booth to give a few words. Assuming we win on Friday, our 4pm game on Saturday will be aired live on ESPN2. I have admit, I am very excited.

I hope that everyone else on the team realizes the opportunity we have before us. With an All American player on our team (Chris Newcomb), an outstanding season record, cuny coach of the year, and great players, I think we are as armed as we will ever be. It is essential that we practice hard and continue to build for the tournament, especially since every game could literally be our last.