How to load 35mm film

Written by Photography, Video

Below is a quick tutorial by Tania on how to load 35mm Film.


  1. Take the film out of its cylindrical container and open the backplate of your film camera
  2. Pull out the rewind knob, and then place the film cartridge into the film chamber with the film leader pointing upwards
  3. Push the rewind knob down into the film chamber and make sure it’s in all the way.
  4. Pull some film out and insert it into one of the slots in the take-up spool.
  5. Rotate the take-up spool to ensure the film has caught a grip onto it.
  6. Rotate the rewind knob slightly to ensure that the film has slight tension between spool and rewind knob.
  7. Close the back plate and make two blank exposures. The frame counter resting at ‘0’ means your next crank will be your first exposure