A gift from Tania

Written by Tania

Tania gave me a cactus yesterday. She did not include a pot or adequate soil, and therefore I had to go fetch these things for myself. It then occurred to me that I would be working the entire day. She offered to get the pot and plant the cactus into it. We met in the afternoon before I set off for work.

I arrived from work and met her in Jackson Heights. To my surprise, she had purchased a different cactus. This one was a bit prettier. It had a flower-like structure on the top of the stem. She also added some decorative rocks to beautify her creation.

Why a cactus? Well, I’ve always wanted one since they are easy to care for. They do not need to be watered very often, nor do they need to be fed plant food. They seem to be very tough, and they could survive with little attention. I think I will place it on my work desk once spring comes around. Thanks babe!