Levain Bakery

Written by Recipes / Food

After a long wait, Stanley and I finally went to Levain Bakery on the upper west side. Once we entered the bakery we were greeted with the smell of warm baked chocolate cookies. I gotta say, each cookie was well worth the $4 price tag. Stanley purchased quite a few (for himself and family), while I had two. They primarily sell only four cookies (chocolate chip walnut cookie, dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie, oatmeal raisin cookie and the dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie ) and have quite a few other pastries on hand.

The cookies are served warm and therefore allows you to get messy with the chocolate. The only downside was the limited seating area inside the shop for customers. Nevertheless, if you decide to stay, you will be surrounded with pleasing workers, some good music, and the smell of warm backed cookies.

Though I brought some back for Tania and my mom to try, I will most definitely be returning for more in the near future.

167 West 74th Street New York, NY 10023

  • Food Rating: 10/10
  • Service: 10/10
  • Atmosphere: 8/10
  • Overall Rating: 9/10