Walking by

Written by Leisure / General

What do you notice during your commute? Who do you see? I saw this decal on a car’s front windshield as I went to work today. Sadly, the owner had a ticket waiting for them when they returned. I could only imagine how hurt a fat chick will feel reading that. I always wonder what it’s like to be in the shoes of the pedestrians I come across. More significantly, I think of the low probability of meeting someone twice. This makes me feel insignificant and I begin to realize how unimportant my presence is. I begin to understand that my slot in this universe can be filled by someone else. Simultaneously, I realize my fortune.

Since matter cannot be created, our existence is everlasting. We have no beginning, and no end. Collectively, our bodies are changing every second. If we define our existence through our presence then we are never the same being. This, along with other meaningless material flies through my head as I commute. I’m not sure what influences my thinking, or why I ask the questions I do. All I know is my curiosity.