Springfield College Volleyball

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Just got back from Massachusetts after some volleyball heat. We played Springfield College (Ranked 2nd last year in division 3) and then Newberry College.
To my surprise, we were playing in the school which invented both basketball (by James Naismith / Class of 1891) and volleyball (by William G Morgan / Class of 1984). Their court floor had “Birthplace of Basketball” printed on it. We watched Springfield’s basketball team win a home game as we waited to warm up.

We thoroughly warmed up for Springfield and played well against them (considering we aren’t even a ranked team). We lead the first set 10-6, but then Springfield pushed through and took three sets from us. It’s unbelievable how high their middles jump. Nevertheless, I think we gave them a good fight.

We then played Newberry College and beat them in 3 sets. Thankfully, their bench was moderately quiet this time around. I remember flipping out against them last year. How manly of them to repeatedly cheer “you can’t do that” and then walk up to us and say “good game”. No practice on Monday since we did well and our next game is more than a week away.

The night was wrapped up by a duel between Jonathan Park and Scott Geschwind in Jetpack Joyride. Jonah won twice and therefore got to smack the life out of Scott. I got a chance to videotape the second hit, and it’s funnier with every view. Ah, team bonding.