Afterlife argument

Written by Leisure / General

Chris got me thinking about the afterlife during practice today. If there is a ‘heaven’ and a ‘hell’, then do animals go there as well? Take pets for example. Many agree that in the afterlife (specifically heaved) one will be surrounded by their loved ones. Lets assume your aunt Lily is allergic to animals (specifically pets). Let us also assume that Lily makes it into heaven. Now, some years after Lily dies, your pet dog Oscar looses his life. Since Oscar was a law abiding mammal he too finds his way into heaven. We can assume for the meantime that Oscar and Lily never meet in heaven (since they weren’t fond of each other here on earth).

Inevitably many years pass and it is now your time to enter the gates of heaven. What happens now? Do you meet both Lily and Oscar in a world where neither existed? Or are you duplicated to live in both Oscars and Lily’s worlds? Whichever the case may be, we clearly see that there is a problem at hand. Wonder if it has a solution.