Spring 2012 semester has begun

Written by Leisure / General

Woke up 12 minutes before I was supposed to leave my house today. Luckily, I still managed to make it on time to calculus III. From the looks of it and the comments my friends have been telling me, calculus should not be so difficult. Well, at least the first day in Calculus III was much easier compared to the first on in calculus II. Most importantly the professor appears to be a very well spoken and caring individual.

After calculus I headed over to the north building for two and a half hours of computer science. Cryptography is jam packed as compared to computer theory II. Cryptography was intended to be seminar in which we would have class discussions, but Daniel Cohen stated the student count was a bit too large for that. Computer theory was a much more manageable class size similar to that of last years. Professor spent the day informing us of what is yet to come as well as revealing to us the “secret to success” (since he had been absent on the last day of computer theory I) .

Looks like I should pay most attention to Calculus III. I recall I received a B in calculus II, and will most definitely not want to receive the same in this class. I’ve got Russian 202 on Monday and an independent study left. Looks like another fair semester.