What grinds my gears?

Written by Leisure / General

I had walked into my bank yesterday to find out how much money Paypal had deposited into it. The reason was to confirm my bank account with the online service. As I walked to the teller I presented her with a smile and asked, “I need to know how much money Paypal had deposited into my account”. She replies, “Sure, what is your account number?” I handed her my account number along with my name sloppily written on the back of a deposit slip. She looks at me and asks for identification. I hand her my college ID since I have a student account to begin with. She then begins investigating me as though I had stolen from her. Very frustrating to say the least. I understand certain things are protocol, but in my opinion a simple id should suffice. Let me explain.

Assuming I had walked into the bank with money to deposit, I would not have been bothered with account confirmation questions. I have been an active participant of that branch for quite some time now and never had a problem. So what do I do? I walked into another branch, deposited $10 and asked the same exact question only to receive the answers I demanded. What does this show? To me it shows I bypassed her “necessary security measures”.

Also, today at volleyball practice my gears were ground. Elvis’ return also brought back my rage. Why? Simply because nothing is satisfactory for him. No matter how hard you work on or off the court something could have been done differently in his eyes. And that is very frustrating. Though I love his drills, I feel his methods of communicating them are ineffective and his theories are always counter intuitive to what the head coach says. For this reason not only is there tension between the two coaches but also between the coaches and the players (for me at least).

These and other similar things are what really grind my gears.