Team bonding at Dallas BBQ

Written by Friends, Volleyball

Headed over to Dallas BBQ on the upper east side after practice today. Though all 14 of the guys could not make it, we still managed to have a good time. That’s right, 14 guys! Everyone who tried out made the team. I share similar feelings with Carl on that one (As he said: “I’m happy with the group of guys we have this year”). I feel that this year will bring lots more winning and great memories. Not only have we all gotten a lot better, but we also have a lot of returning players from past years. Cant wait to see our first performance on Tuesday against New Palts.

Unfortunately, Braien and Ming will not be participating on Tuesday. Both of them had to take time off this week due to family concerns. Braien will be returning tomorrow, while Ming will be out for another week or so. Though they cannot participate on Tuesday, I feel we have a great chance at winning our first game of the season.

Nonetheless, I am glad we all got to spend some quality time together outside the court. “Big C” (Carl) invited us all to his place tomorrow for a BBQ during the NFL playoff games. Not sure if I can make it yet, but I hope to attend. I also hope to see more player organized events in the future.