Start of 2012 volleyball season

Written by Volleyball

So, day 4 of volleyball tryouts is over. Since I have been working out during off season I don’t feel as sore as I did last year. I have to say that I am determined to finish all the drills we are asked to do during practice. While doing “Lebron’s”, defensive drills, or blocking drills, I feel that every single push will put me one step ahead of the competition. Alongside eating healthy, working out will put me on the right track to win CUNY finals.

As I sat with the team during our two hour break, we recalled on all the moments we had in the past. We discussed Brendan’s sleeping patterns, hangouts at Carl’s place, Elvis’ quotes, and much more. I cannot wait to reminisce on the great times we have ahead. Though we have lost a few great players (Sam Martin and Marcin Polak), I feel the return of Jerin Kallickal, Christopher Newcomb, Carl Skonberg, and Brendan Feng more than makes up for the loss.

With our first game approaching, I feel we are ever more ready to be the great players we can be. For some reason I feel if we cannot do it this year, then we most likely will never do it. If we cannot come together to help each other then we will only be as strong as the weakest link. This idea of the weakest link is what has me frustrated at times. I understand the hardships that many of the guys are going through and at times feel that there is nothing I can do to help them.

As our roster gets updated, only time (our first few games) will tell how well we will play as a team. I’m very excited for our first game since I’ve seen a lot of progress from many of the guys on the team. I just have to hope that the opponents don’t have many tricks up their sleeves.