Shoot with Tania

Written by Photography, Tania

Met with Tania after work today to exchange Christmas gifts and have a photo shoot. Loved the sweater she bought me. Probably going to spend Christmas with her tomorrow as well. Can’t wait.

I am overjoyed about the conclusion of the semester. I feel that I ended on a strong note and my grades should reflect that opinion. Hope the winter break lasts.

So, I had a photo shoot with Tania today. I have to say that photo shoots are very entertaining. From positioning your subjects, to properly lighting them, photography shoots can be either very enjoyable or just a horrid mess. Luckily, this was the former of the two. I absolutely love the first image. Tania looks very concentrated and the lighting on the shades as well as her skin softens her a lot. Ironically it was taken while she was not posing.

Can’t wait to purchase a flash and take advantage of more ideas I have in my head. Hope to do a followup shoot soon.