Palisades during autumn

Written by Leisure / General, Photography, Tania

Woke up early this morning to go have breakfast with Tania. We drove down to Jax Diner. Gotta say it is a big improvement over the old Mark Twain diner. The food not only tasted good but was also very well presented and reasonably priced. A big thumbs up. After the diner we drove over the 59st Bridge and headed north to the Palisades in New Jersey.

Upon arrival the weather was a bit chilly, but nothing a light jacket could not fix. We walked up the car path and then walked up a pair of stairs. What a joyful, colorful and relaxing experience. The weather warmed up, the leaves brightened and the woods lifted our spirits. From the pictures you can tell that it was one of the best locations to see foliage. Thankfully, the weather complemented the beautiful sights and allowed us to enjoy the day prior to me heading to class.

I would have to say I was very exited about the image with Tania being weightless amongst autumn’s leaves. I was also quite moved with the image of the sun shining through leaves on a tree. What a perfect way to spend a warm morning.