2011 CUNYAC Women’s Volleyball Finals

Written by Volleyball

I went uptown to City College to watch the 2011 Women’s Cuny Finals. I arrived a bit late since I was coming from work. Upon arrival hunter was losing to Baruch College. I had missed one set (which hunter lost). Stanley and I were placing bets in the second set as to who will take the match. Unfortunately, Baruch beat hunter in 4 sets.

Personally I thought hunter had it in the bag. This is because the women’s team beat Baruch in conference play. Also Hunter College was undefeated in conference play. As soon as I received Stanly’s text stating “hunter is losing 1st set”, I knew it was going to be a good match. Indeed it was. From the bleachers I noticed that Hunter played more as a team when compared to Baruch. After reading through the brochure I learned that the reason Baruch won was probably due to Jessica Wu (who happens to be a freshman).

I noticed that hunter has a new and improved mascot. His triceps and biceps are as big as coconuts; very threatening. Nevertheless, I enjoyed spending time with friends and watching the game. Considering that this loss ended their season, I hope that the Hawks take it next year.