Dinner and a movie

Written by Tania

My Russian 201 class was cancelled today so I went to school without a backpack. After computer theory class Tania had met with me in the city and we walked down to the 42nd Street AMC movie theater. We grabbed some pizza prior to buying the tickets. We purchased two tickets to Contagion. Half way through the movie I noticed a shadow on the floor. I thought it was nothing serious until I notice a mouse creeping past the seat next to me. We quickly walk out of the theater and down to guess services on the third floor. We were refunded and granted a pair of Re-Admit Passes. As many other couples would, we snuck into another movie. To our benefit it was the same one we were watching but in IMAX instead.

The movie was good, but nothing spectacular. It reminds me of the game Pandemic. Matt Damon played his role very well, and was immune to “the virus”. Eh, every part of the movie was somewhat expected. There were no twists or surprising shocks. Nevertheless, I am wondering what movie we will be redeeming our passes on.