Losing weight

Written by Volleyball

As I walked out my front door today my mother told me I looked slimmer. I then asked myself when she was able to see through my outer jacket. I thought to myself, maybe she is right, maybe I did lose a couple of pounds. I carried on my normal routine and did not think back even once to what she had said earlier in the day. Heading down the elevator from the studio, my boss looked at me and asked if I had lost weight. I told him I did not think so. He then said my chest looked smaller.

I guess there is some visible progress. As I stepped on the scale I realized I am lighter this time around as compared to last year. Taking salads to work, running in the summer, choosing water over soda and other alterations have paid off. I don’t have shortage of breath as I walk up and down the stairway when commuting. Though it is was nothing major, I even felt lighter when playing recreational volleyball yesterday.

Now, I start to think of the CUNYAC Men’s Volleyball Finals from last year. I begin to think of how I promised to work hard during the off season. I guess this is the time. Even though I was complimented by two individuals today, I feel as though it was a wake up call. I am not being complimented. I am being reminded of how good it feels to be complimented. Once again I feel the urge to workout. I went to the gym today and tried to get the tire rolling.

I will try to head to the gym frequently. Even though I will not have much leisure time on my hands, I will try my best to get in shape before season starts. I recall explaining my “vertical jump” theory to some of my peers on the team, and I hope to be a living example of it. I do believe that the lighter an individual is the higher they can jump. Not to mistake that for meaning skinny individuals jump higher than chunkier ones. What I meant was that if a person is lighter and physically fit, then the greater their chance for leaping higher as compared to someone in the same physical shape but with heavier weight. Lets see how far I get.