Walk on Randall’s Island

Written by Leisure / General

Took the Q train up to Astoria Boulevard, then walked over the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge (Triboro Bridge) into Randall’s Island. Unfortunately I could not take any photographs while on the bridge. As I walked down the bridge I noticed a some trees that were a reflection of the upcoming fall season. Their red leaves accompanied their drying gray branches. That was where I began. I shot some pictures through the trees leaves and into the sun, and later took some other signs of fall’s arrival.

I walked through the island and snapped shots of everything I thought to be interesting. Different bridges, object floating in the low tide, soccer fields, animals, sunsets, walkways and much more grabbed my attention. This day for me marked the last holiday (Columbus Day) until my next (Thanksgiving). This is the time I need to put more focus into my classes since midterms and due dates are approaching.