Passing the baton

Written by Leisure / General

With the addition of a new job to my daily routine I barely find any time to accomplish anything. I figured I would lighten the load by getting rid of tutoring. I have been tutoring now for about two years after my friend recommended me to the family she tutored. It has been great. The boy became almost like a younger brother whom I met three times a week, and did not have to deal with. I figured I would recommend someone (Brendan) to them just like my friend recommended me.

I took Brendon to see Moohilton. Thankfully, Brendan lives closer to Moohilton than I do, and he attended the middle school Moohilton wants to get into. I explained to Brendan my normal routine, and he seemed to catch on relatively fast. I will take Brendan to see Moohilton’s father on Tuesday and say my last farewell. I also plan to give Moohilton a copy of Gears of War Triple Pack as a goodbye present on Tuesday. I will miss him.