Summer 2011 Riverhead trip

Written by Leisure / General, Nature, Tania

On Tuesday July 5th Tania and I set out for Riverhead NY. We picked up our car at 6pm and set out for the Holiday Inn Express in Riverhead. Since we went to the same destination last year, we felt a bit more comfortable returning this year. On our first day we arrived at the beach and watched the sunset.

We woke up early on Wednesday and had breakfast. I have to admit that I was looking forward to the cinnamon rolls and warm biscuits. Thankfully, the hotel did not disappoint. We set out to go kayaking after breakfast. We purchased a parking permit and set out for the secret hidden road. We kayaked for about two hours. Starting from the northern part of Riverhead, we kayaked east for about an hour and then turned back. Afterwards we went to the pool for a quick swim and hit the shower to prepare for the day to come.

We took the car and set out for the “northern fork” of Long Island. We saw many farms, local stores, and great houses along the way. We stopped at a lighthouse and later stopped at Soundview Restaurant for dinner. On our way back to the hotel we stopped by a large farmhouse/barn. On it we saw many animals. Most of all we enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk around the farm to see the animals. Finally, in order to take advantage of our parking permit we set out to go see the sunset again.

The next morning we watched television till noon and then set out towards the southern fork of Long Island. We went to South Hampton and headed north towards the ferry. The ferry took us to Shelter Island. We then took the northern ferry and headed towards the northern fork. I then picked up a gift for my mom and we headed back to the hotel.

We checked out at 10:30 and decided to use our car time back in NYC. We drove to the Palisades and enjoyed a bag of chips which we had not opened for 3 days. He returned on July 8 and watched a movie at my place.