Summer in New York City

Written by Leisure / General, Photography

After hanging out with Felix I decided to go on a little tour of New York City. I started in Times Square, worked my way west towards the Intrepid, and finally south towards the meat packing district.

In Times Square I noticed the amount of Cowboys/Cowgirls had noticeably increased since I was last there. One thing which had not changed was the vast number of people. I found it easy to start shooting in Times Square since everyone had their cameras out. One of the pianos from the “Play Me I’m Yours” project centered in Times Square. Luckily I managed to catch someone playing it. Aside from the piano, there was also a gospel group preaching about God. Music helps get the message across, and makes it easier to connect with others.

After Times Square I headed towards the Hudson River. Found some children playing on Pier 84’s water fountains. I loved how the moving water added motion to the image. The piers are a great place to wind down and enjoy a cold breeze in the summer. As I walked south towards the meat packing district I noticed an increased number of homosexuals. This was primarily due to today’s Pride Parade, and New York’s recently passed gay marriage bill. Nevertheless, there was still a lot to capture.

I then snapped some pictures of activities happening on the Hudson River. Chelsea piers, a skate park, mural wall, and several piers were many of the venues I came across as I walked towards 14th Street. I ended the night by hopping on the train and heading home.

I shot many of the images in black and white since I felt the use of color would only cause distractions.