Trying something new

Written by Photography

I decided to take any time I had to go out and use my new lens. As usual I walked around the neighborhood, and tested out the new fifty. To be honest, there wasn’t much to shoot in Jackson Heights so I tried to shoot anything which caught my eye.

The 50 was relatively fast. It managed to pull off shutter speeds quicker then 1/60th of while shooting at f2 (during the night). Its ability to throw things out of focus was quite impressive. Aside from the lens, I tried some post processing techniques after uploading the images. I applied what I had learnt at my new job, and the results are very different from anything I had uploaded before.

I feel that my eye for photography is being developed. Not only am I learning about composition, but I am also beginning to understand about light techniques and what makes a good image. Many might think a great photo consists of beautiful landscapes and scenic views, but I am learning that that is not always the case. Though eye snatching views are always a plus, there are other ways to feel good about what you shoot. A great shot consists of how the subject is portrayed. Selection of the background, the depth of field, where your eye starts looking at the photograph and where it ends are just some of the techniques used to make a photograph exciting.

I am now ever more excited to practice what I am learning.