Summer photography job

Written by Photography

I went to a photography office today after being invited by a photographer from a previous wedding. My first thoughts were what to wear, what will I do and will this be permanent. Even before I started this blog or received my camera I had always had a desire for photography. My inspiration probably came from the weddings I worked in. Seeing the photographers snap shots of their clients and brag about how fast their lenses were was certainly a catch.

So, I went down to the city and met with Amanda who gave me a little tour of what I will be doing. Upon arrival I saw many of the things I had been looking up online. Raid systems, huge LCD displays, great photographs and sweet software. I started by transferring pictures from CF cards to the desktop and then to the raid systems. It was such a long process. From CF to desktop took about an hour, then to the raid system took about an additional hour. Well what else can you expect if you have to go through twenty cards.

Nevertheless, I am excited to return today. I hope to find out my schedule, and hope that it’s flexible.