Fleet week at Battery Park

Written by Tania

Since I was overjoyed about finals being over, I decided to head to the city with Tania. I feel as though I did very well in school this semester and can’t believe how far I have come. Prior to arriving in the city I saw a couple of dressed military personnel in the trains. I then remembered it was fleet week and looked forward even more to arriving at Battery Park.

The day was great. Though it was a bit warm, Tania and I still managed to have a good time. We got of at Chambers street and walked from the freedom tower Battery Park. After circling the park for about an hour we decided to take a rest. That was when I snapped the picture of the cruise ship, kayak, and sail boats. Seeing as we were in the city, everyone was rushing to get to their destination, but the water (Hudson River) was relatively calm. As we headed off to enjoy more scenery, the wind had picked up speed. We then walked to canal street and took the train home.