Xbox time with Demir and Efe

Written by Friends

Today, my boss asked me to watch his children for about an hour, and due to their great company I simply couldn’t say no. They arrived at around one o’clock, and we began by playing C.O.D. Black Ops. We played a couple of split screen “zombie” rounds and then moved on to Lego Indiana Jones. I set the game up for the kids, and handed both controllers over to them for some multiplayer time. As they eased their way past the learning curve they somewhat managed to play the game in harmony. As the saying goes, they grow up fast, so tried to get some shot while they were still young. After about an hour and a half I treated them to some chocolate and took them home.

Just as last time, I enjoyed spending time with them because they reminded me of when I was young. Though I am much older now, I still share the same enjoyment from accomplishing challenging tasks, figuring things out for myself, and ultimately learning. After seeing these two grow up, I now see a greater bond between them as Efe (older child) takes control and guides his brother. Whether it be in a video game, or in person (Image 5), it is visible that Efe stands above his brothers shoulder, and aids him as they both get older. As summer approaches, and with their parents permission, I would love to take them out to play in the park and spend some more time with them.