Long Island City in one hour

Written by Photography, Tania

Tania and I decided to go for a run today, so I suggested that she drives me to Long Island city (since she had to go to class),and go to class while I take some pictures. I walked around for about an hour and took some pictures. First off, I noticed that the areas I walked around while I was attending Aviation High School have changed. While I was a student at Aviation there was a building being built near the 33st 7 train Station, it is now complete and has generators inside. I recalled the days I used to march around the school for R.O.T.C, and my 5th year, in which I would collect leftover doughnuts from the local vendor. Things have changed, and they’ve done so very quickly.

After Tania when to class I walked toward Aviation to snap the shot of the Empire State Building (Image 4). After I snapped the shot I noticed the clouds blocked the sun and formed a heart shape. I also noticed there was an airplane flying very close to the sun. My favorite shot of the day though was the one in the featured image. I absolutely love the bokeh. I was explaining to Tania that I finally understood what Kai (from Digitalrevtv) meant by “It’s like cheese,…. it’s like really nice Camembert”.