Accident on Northern Boulevard

Written by Tania

Before Tania went home we decided to go for a walk through Jackson Heights. From my house we walked to Northern Boulevard, on which we discovered an accident. It was a black SUV which collided with another car. The engine of the SUV practically fell out, and the second car was smashed into parked cars. The accident was filled with a crowd which was primarily taking pictures of what had happened. I took the time to snap some shots of the accident, as well as take some of police cars. We then walked to 30th avenue before I took her home. Aside from the accident we also came across home nicely decorated for Easter. It reminded me of my plans to make Easter eggs with Tania on Friday. Cant wait.

Unfortunately the featured image has high levels of noise (especially when it is re-sized), but I thought the image itself was the best of the night. I also feel that night photography gives a deeper feel to the image since only a small part of the image is visible (has ample lighting).