Spring break is here!

Written by Nature, Photography

The wait is finally over, spring break is here. I’m excited to have some time off from classes, and hope to use it wisely. I have a lot in stock for my week off. I plan to meet with some high school friends friends (Steef Cruz), spend some time with Tania, write some papers for school and ultimately relax. My day started of with my mom encouraging me to go out after classes and snap some shots. I took her advice and realized how much more I enjoyed being out when weather permits. I love the color and warm weather which spring brings. I hope to see that spring break is as warm as it was the past couple of days. Aside from the weather I hope the leaves in Roosevelt Island are ready for shooting. I have memories of the strong color in the leaves of the trees when Tania and I went to the west side of the island last year. Spring break here I come!