I’m next season’s captain.

Written by Volleyball

Ray Bello confirmed to me that I will take the title of ” team captain” for next year’s volleyball season. He motivated and guided me stating that “the season begins today”. We spoke about things which need change next year, and how we are “starting one a fresh slate”. I was informed that there will be a meeting in the near future in which we can meet as a team and discuss many of the proposed changes. One primary change which I think should be enforced is a system of rewards. Reward those players who show more effort and further punish those who don’t abide by the rules. Though it is a team effort, it is essential that those who listen are not treated as those who do not (punishment wise). I will attempt to come up with rules which I will present at the upcoming meeting, and see if the team agrees with them.

One thing already on my mind is the physical conditions of the players prior to the season’s start. Seeing as many players will most likely be out of shape once tryouts arrive, I have established a system to hopefully keep them in shape, or at least keep them better fit once the season hits. Its simple, measure each players Body Mass Index and tell them that there will be additional drills for those who are not near the normal target. Is this too harsh? Personally I don’t think so. Currently many of the players, with the exception of one or two, are within the normal target range, and there is no reason why everyone cannot maintain their current diet and exercise habits (I will speak to the coach to see if this will be a reasonable suggestion).