Spring is almost here

Written by Nature, Photography, Tania

Today I went out for a walk with Tania, and took pictures of what I thought were signs of spring’s arrival. I began with what was right outside my apartment building and moved on to things which were further away. I love the color spring brings, the warm weather and nice temperature. Luckily Tania had a keen eye for blooming flowers and helped me take some great shots. Unfortunately she was cold, and wanted to go indoors. After about thirty minutes of walking we decided to head indoors after some exchange in words.

What did I learn? Today I learnt how to use flash outdoors. In image 7 you can see that the cone’s inner side is quite bright. This technique can be useful when photographing people who have shadows on their face from hats or trees. Today I also tried to stay away from keeping the subject in the center of the frame. This brings more depth into the image. In image 5 you can see blooming purple flower in focus while the rest of the group is out of focus. Similarly this effect was used in image 9.